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RFC 2-2007 Archives

RFC 2-2007 Archives

RFC 2 – May 21 to 25, 2007: The festival is expanding

In 2007, the festival lasted three days or 5 consecutive days of celebration. It was co-organised this time by the French Institute of Madagascar and the Young IRIS Association created after the first edition. This edition confirmed the dynamics and renewal of the Malagasy film production revealed in 2006 during the first meetings. The opening up of the event to the outside world was particularly strong and visible. This second edition had also enriched the festival’s program. Plus, new young filmmakers had been discovered through the Malagasy short film competition. At the end of the festival, five films were awarded.

Statistics of the festival:

-1 586 festival-goers

-105 films projected from around the world, 15 projection sessions including 2 retrospective ones from major short film festivals, 2 school sessions
-3 focus on three important names in African cinema
-2 round tables, 1 photo-video exhibition, 1 session homage to the great names of Malagasy cinema
-27 Films received in which 14 films in official competition and 5 award-winning films

The winners 2007

1st prize: KOZY VAIN/X VISION of Rado ANDRIAMANISA/Fiction/8 ‘ 42

2nd Prize: Children of the streets of Tovoniaina RASOANAIVO/Documentary/12 ‘

3rd Prize: TAFASIRY/Once Upon a time children… by Amenoor RANDRIAMAHAZOSOA/Fiction/10 ‘ 17

Prix Ligue of Madagascar: AMBONY AMBANY of Benoît Delamare/Documentary/10 ‘

Special Mention of the jury: BREAKING THE SILENCE of Rina Ragavan-Rahimzadeh/experimental/7 ‘

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