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FIFF 2014: Three questions to Laza

Three questions to Laza, curator section new territory Madagascar-FIFF 2014

What does it make you to come and present Malagasy films in Fribourg?

A lot of emotions. We are in the process of writing the history of Malagasy cinema in fact. This is unprecedented in the history of Malagasy cinema. Among the films that we will show, half are world premiere and this is the first time we will see them on the big screen. It's very moving.

How would you define Malagasy cinema?

I think it is an emergency cinema as it stands. The movie theatres have closed for more than 20 years in the country. So a 20-25-year-old has never seen a movie in his living room. We have so much desire to tell stories with nothing, because there is no industry, there is no money to make films, that every film that results is a useful film.

What do you want the festival goers to retain from the Malagasy cinema?

That for once, it is the Malagasy who tell their own stories. For a long time, foreigners have been telling our stories. We finally have the opportunity to offer an original view of what is happening in our home. To live things from the inside out. I see a lot of hope. At the political level there are many problems, but there is always and still hope. That's what I want to celebrate.

Interview by Stéphanie Tschopp/29.03.2014

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