Rencontres du film court

RFC7 Archives-2012

RFC 7 – April 13 to 21, 2012: RFC generation is running

The festival, which has a growing international echo, has become the ambassador of Malagasy cinema. Motivated by the belief that a quality cinema can exist in Madagascar, RFCs pursue a twofold fundamental objective: to discover the creative extent of the short film and to support Malagasy production by offering it a platform of International recognition. Co-organized by the Association of Film encounters Court, the French Institute of Madagascar and Rozifilms, for 7 years already, we are a “baby festival” but endowed with an unchallenged motivation! Our visual this year is the reflection: the RFC logo is anchored in the ground. But the most important thing is that the “RFC generation” grows, it progresses, it asserts itself. This new generation of Malagasy filmmakers has found a springboard and showcase for their talents at RFC. If this event has taken on the scale that it currently has they are the ones to be congratulated! The intuition that guided the creation of this festival proved to be fair: talent is there, we had no doubt, but above all we are able to realize this potential and tell our own stories!

Statistics of the festival

-10 103 festival-goers
-400 films projected from around the world
-21 international guests
-2 focus on two big names in African cinema
-11 Workshops
-150 participants in the Ti’Kino Gasy in Tana and in the 4 provincial cities (Antsirabe, Toliara, Mahajanga and Toamasina)
-1 Ciné-concert,
-1 Round Table, 1 photo exhibition, 1 video installation, 1 retrospective
-52 films received, 23 films selected to the official competition, 5 awarded
-11 places invested around the capital
-15 Alliances Françaises screened the films in competition during the festival
-1.2 million viewers followed the broadcast of the festival’s closing ceremony on the RTA channel

And RFCs are especially 9 days of festivities, meetings and exchanges. In April, Tana became the capital of cinema in the Indian Ocean.

The winners 2012

A new category has joined the competition: the DIASPORA category

-ZEBU d’Or Animation: RAY by Herizo RAMILIJAONINA/Animation/3 ‘ 45

-ZEBU d’Or Fiction: DOOZ by Michel RADONIRINA/Fiction/10 ‘


Special Mention of the jury: CROSSING A TUNNEL by Harimalala RASON/Documentary/19 ‘


Special Mention of the jury: DARKANOID by Ando RAMINOSON/Fiction/6 ‘ 53

-ZEBU d’Or PUBLIC Award: THIS IS JUST A DREAM by Minomihamina RAMANANTSOA/Fiction/13 ‘

RFC 6-2011 Archive

RFC 6 – April 8 to 16, 2011: For a revival of Malagasy cinema
This festival wants to continue its progression and, with this 6th edition, confirm its status as a major event in the Malagasy cultural agenda. In that, it is helped by more and more partners: festivals, companies, embassies, media… and of course, all the filmmakers and film-lovers who are involved to accompany the revival of Malagasy cinema. More than ever, we believe that the Malagasy people must make their own creation. The Malagasy filmmakers have the responsibility to tell their stories. RFCs offer them this platform of expression. Even in a situation of instability, Malagasy cinema must go forward because the RFCs are gaining more and more recognition internationally, thanks to the support of the media such as TV5 Monde, RFI, Africultures and several partner festivals.

Statistics of the festival
-8 800 festival-goers
-32 screening sessions including 3 Hors-les-murs sessions at the University of Antananarivo, CGM Analakely and AFT Andavamamba.
-2 outdoor projections at the Soarano station
-1 Ciné-concert with NATA Db
-1 Round Table, 1 conference-debate, 1 video exhibition, 2 meetings with big names of African cinema
-18 International guests
-8 workshops including 1 Ti’kino Workshop
-54 films received in the competition, 16 selected and 5 award-winning films

The winners 2011 
For this 6th edition of the Malagasy short film contest, the movies will be divided on 3 categories: ANIMATION-FICTION-DOCUMENTARY

-ZEBU d’Or Animation: HAZALAMBO/THE WILD BOAR HUNTING by  Sitraka RANDRIAMAHALY /Animation/7 ‘ 50
-Special Mention of the Jury: THE FLY AND THE LITTLE OLD MAN by Liva Razaka/Animation/3 ‘ 55
-ZEBU d’Or Fiction: LE GLAS by Ludovic RANDRIAMANANTSOA /Fiction/6 ‘
-ZEBU d’Or Documentary: AVY AM-VAHINY /FROM THE ROOTS by José RAKOTOBE /Documentary/11 ‘ 43
-ZEBU d’Or Audience Award: THE GREAT JOURNEY FOR THE FUTURE by Tianjato G. RAJAOARINARIVO/Documentary/11 ‘ 10

RFC 5-2010 Archives

RFC 5 – April 9 to 17, 2010: The Unique Film Festival in Madagascar

This 5th edition of the festival extends this time for 9 days. The program is enriched, many international guests come, the Ti’kino gets back into service and the partners are increasing. The festival is animated by its first “ciné-concert”, its various initiation and discovery workshops. It also inaugurates the “Espace festivalier” which will serve as a meeting place between festival-goers (filmmakers, audiences, international guests,…) and information desk. In addition to, for the first time, the festival’s closing evening will be broadcast live on television thanks to the fruitful partnership between the RFCs and the RTA. In short, the Short Film Festival is becoming the only real “instant of cinema” of the year in Madagascar. The French Institute of Madagascar, the Iris Association and the production company Rozifilms give to all, during these 9 days, the opportunity to share and transmit these moments despite the instability of the country.

Statistics of the festival

-5 700 festival-goers
-36 screening sessions including 3 Hors-les-murs sessions at the University of Antananarivo, CGM Analakely and AFT Andavamamba.
-1 Ciné-concert with Môta
-2 round tables, 1 conference-debate, 1 video installation
-16 International guests
-8 workshops including 1 Ti’kino Workshop
-46 films received in the competition, 9 selected and 4 award-winning films

The winners 2010
This 5th edition will invite for the first time the public to award a prize. This time, the public was able to vote for its favorite movie.

-ZEBU d’Or: VARAVARAN-KELY/ The WINDOW by Sitraka RANDRIAMAHALY/Animation/2 ‘ 55
-2nd Prize: THE ACT by José RAKOTOBE /Fiction/3 ‘ 18
-3rd Prize: AIZ’ TSIK’ ZAO? /Where Are we? by Vaikafo RAVALOSON/Animation/7 ‘ 44
-Audience Award: MANJA LOATRA/ So Beautiful by Andry RARIVONANDRASANA/Animation/8 ‘

RFC 4-2009 Archives

RFC 4 – April 21 to 25, 2009: The festival challenges the crisis

The Short Film Festival of Madagascar is above all a place of exchange and discovery dedicated to short films, to the creativity and the emergence of the new generation of Malagasy filmmakers. It is an event that, every year, offers new suggestions and highlights the news talents. In 2009, despite the crisis that severely affected the country, the French Institute of Madagascar, the association Iris and the production company Rozifilms are once again taking up the challenge by making the RFCs an unavoidable and structuring event for the Malagasy film landscape .

Statistics of the festival

-2 500 festival-goers
-161 films projected from around the world, 16 projection sessions including 2 Hors-les-murs sessions at the University of Antananarivo and CGM Analakely.
-6 sessions at 6 Alliances Françaises in the province
-1 Round Table, 1 conference-debate, 1 exhibition, 1 meeting session with a Director
-6 International guests
-26 films received in the competition, 6 selected and 4 award-winning films

The winners 2009

The RFCs inaugurate the first trophies made by a Malagasy artist: Temandrota. These are true works of art, unique and original. The name of Zebu d’Or is also born during the 4th, RFC.


2nd Prize: SOKAKY/ THE TORTOISE by Sitraka RANDRIAMHALY/Animation/2 ‘ 45
Special Mention of the Jury: ON LIVE by Njaka ANDRIAMAHERY/documentary/9 ‘ 30

RFC 3-2008 Archives

RFC 3 – April 21 to 26, 2008: The festival deploys its wings

The third edition of the Short Film Festival took place in Antananarivo from the 22nd to 26th, April 2008 on the initiative of the French Institute of Madagascar and the Iris Association. The screening sessions allowed a thousand festival-goers to discover films from all around the world. For the first time, these meetings hosted  international professionals who fuelled debates and exchanges. The festival also inaugurated its first Kino Kabaret. The challenge was to make as many short films as possible in 72 hours and then project them at the end of the 3rd day to the public. A real success with 36 participants for 21 films made!

Statistics of the festival

-4 500 festival-goers
-155 films projected from around the world, 21 projection sessions including 1 open-air session and 1 Hors-les-murs at the University of Antananarivo
-11 awareness sessions at schools located on the capital since the festival took the responsability on image education
-1 Round Table, 1 conference-debate, 1 video-slam-concert exposition photo-video
-1 Kino Kabaret: 36 parcticipants, 21 films made
-34 films received in the competition, 12 selected and 5 films awarded by an international jury

-4 International guests

The winners 2008

1st prize: KNOWLEDGE/ILM by Rida ANDRIANTOMANGA/Animation/3 ‘
2nd Prize: THE BUBBLE of Mamihasina RAMINOSOA /Fiction/9 ‘
3rd Prize: SURVIVAL of ANDRY RARIVONANDRASANA/Documentary/11 ‘ 36
Special Mention of the Jury: FISHING AT AMBILA LEMAITSO OF Tovoniaina RASOANAIVO /Documentary/11 ‘ 44
Special Price – 25 years old: LITTLE BOY/BOAY KELY of Mamitiana RANDRIANARISOA/Animation 2d/1 ‘ 39

RFC 2-2007 Archives

RFC 2 – May 21 to 25, 2007: The festival is expanding

In 2007, the festival lasted three days or 5 consecutive days of celebration. It was co-organised this time by the French Institute of Madagascar and the Young IRIS Association created after the first edition. This edition confirmed the dynamics and renewal of the Malagasy film production revealed in 2006 during the first meetings. The opening up of the event to the outside world was particularly strong and visible. This second edition had also enriched the festival’s program. Plus, new young filmmakers had been discovered through the Malagasy short film competition. At the end of the festival, five films were awarded.

Statistics of the festival:

-1 586 festival-goers

-105 films projected from around the world, 15 projection sessions including 2 retrospective ones from major short film festivals, 2 school sessions
-3 focus on three important names in African cinema
-2 round tables, 1 photo-video exhibition, 1 session homage to the great names of Malagasy cinema
-27 Films received in which 14 films in official competition and 5 award-winning films

The winners 2007

1st prize: KOZY VAIN/X VISION of Rado ANDRIAMANISA/Fiction/8 ‘ 42

2nd Prize: Children of the streets of Tovoniaina RASOANAIVO/Documentary/12 ‘

3rd Prize: TAFASIRY/Once Upon a time children… by Amenoor RANDRIAMAHAZOSOA/Fiction/10 ‘ 17

Prix Ligue of Madagascar: AMBONY AMBANY of Benoît Delamare/Documentary/10 ‘

Special Mention of the jury: BREAKING THE SILENCE of Rina Ragavan-Rahimzadeh/experimental/7 ‘

First Edition RFC-2006

RFC 1st Edition – from 27 to 28 April 2006: The Birth of a festival

The French Institute of Madagascar (the CCAC at that time) and the production company Rozifilms launched the first edition of the Rencontres Du Film Court de Madagasikara in April 2006. The aim was to make this film event a must-see and an annual meeting to promote Malagasy cinema through the short film. It was mainly about showing films from all over the world- the best of international festivals- and encouraging Malagasy filmmakers to make films also through the short film contest.
In this first edition, 30 films were filed and 12 of them were selected in the official competition. After deliberation of the jury members, 3 films were awarded.
Projections, debate, round table and meetings animated the festival during these 2 days. Filmmakers, audio-visual professionals, the general public have rejoiced around the same passion, the cinema generally and the short film in particular. The RFC generation was born!!!

The winners 2006
1st prize: The Sun Rises… Then goes to bed of Jiva E. RAZAFINDRALAMBO/Animation/8 ‘ 30
2nd prize: Saphira de Alain RAKOTOARISOA/documentary/9 ‘ 45
3rd Prize: MORAMORA by Jean Harjai Rafiq/Fiction/5 ‘ 30